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NSK STATE.COMNSKSTATE.COM was created in 2001 in order to present and examine the work and ideas of the NSK artists and document the activities around the utopian State of NSK from the perspective of its citizens.

The website soon became the main source of information about the work of the NSK artists and the activities of the NSK State and its citizens by publishing news, photos, articles and reviews written by NSK citizens around the world.

In April 2009 NSKSTATE.COM was put into hibernation while the editors of NSKSTATE.COM began working on the First NSK Citizens' Congress.

Currently NSKSTATE.COM maintains one blog (The NSK Times), a page about the First NSK Citizens’ Congress, an account on Twitter and two photo galleries on Flickr (one for the NSK State and one for Laibach).

NSKSTATE.COM is also collecting artworks inspired by the NSK State. For more information about this project, please visit the Volk Art page.