Dear friends, highly respected guests, believers and non-believers, brothers and sisters,

Before the male part greases its moustache and the women soak their red lips into the glass of spirit, I would like to greet heartily all present here. But I would also like to tell you some other things, so that we in that way still pour oil on our general wild dancing.

Allow me to begin like this: What is this – life?! Painful heat for survival, successes and pleasures, straining to the last atom that we would do something and be happy. But if we are lucky enough to be visited by a bit of fortune, it disappears in the next moment. And at the end death. Thus life shows to us so senseless that even the beautiful is miserable, unhappy. The old idea that freedom is realised by someone who is dead, is therefore not merely the result of a sick mind.

But life, either we like this fact or not, is here and its FIAT is beyond our will. Although we cancel our existence forever, who assures us that it won't appear once again in the infinitiveness as it might have happened already lots of times before. Especially we must keep in mind that our slimy being, condemned to final time, is the only glass, through which we can maybe see something better than it.

How, better? Time is also a cruel history of human suffering, but history is an omelette which the alive egg is broken for. The both are the complete indifference, but do they therefore serve to Satan? Here we would at first conclude that the evil can be an abolishment for the higher aim. An omelette or a smoked ham, when a swine was slaughtered, it's not bad. But we make the devil lose his nerves, when we think ourselves as a property, as an element of his total Contradiction, as Non-world. For a real good is more than a world.

Yes, my dear ones, we are the rope of time, that we are fastened to that, what is continuing when we run out of this rope - we are fastened to eternity. The time are events, are the things and the classes of the both in its flexible transitory. But this in not all. When we run out of a rope, when there are no wedges anymore, is our guardian angel someone that cannot be measured by our alpine equipment. Only with its protection at all we have the truth and the life. For the both is merely by him and we are from there, where we are not. If there is time, there is also eternity. But they are not one and the same. There is no connection between the Absolute and the deadly ones, but this impossibility is the power of the first one and our redemption. As the eternity is different from all what we comprehend, so life here is the pure lie against its Truth in that total Outside.

Dear friends, the eternity is definitely the first and the ultimate and we are of it. I see our life as a purpose of the Absolute, where there is no danger. Beer is running and running through our throats, we will pinch the girls for asses forever, maybe they will pull our nails the equal length of time but at God neither fuck nor woe are by our shoe size.