New World Order


Within the event December Art Scene-DEUS, which the city of Podgorica has been organizing since 1993 as a recapitulation of annual cultural events, we have the honor to announce the opening of DEUS 2020 with the exhibition of posters New Collectivism, Pro et contra.

News Exhibitions | Dec. 2, 2020

To celebrate the end of the lockdown announced in France for May 11th, and inspired by New Collectivism design studio, Jean Valnoir Simoulin (Metastazis) designed this poster.

News | April 15, 2020
New World Order poster Ljubljana

New Collectivism designed a poster about the current coronavirus pandemic. The poster was virtually distributed in many cities around the world, including Berlin, Beijing, London, Paris, New York, Ljubljana and Moscow.

News Photo Galleries | March 25, 2020