New World Order


"New Collectivism" studio presents their new poster “Our authority is that of the people!”. Feel free to print it and place it in your physical or virtual environment.

News | Dec. 16, 2020

Within the event December Art Scene-DEUS, which the city of Podgorica has been organizing since 1993 as a recapitulation of annual cultural events, we have the honor to announce the opening of DEUS 2020 with the exhibition of posters New Collectivism, Pro et contra.

News Exhibitions | Dec. 2, 2020

To celebrate the end of the lockdown announced in France for May 11th, and inspired by New Collectivism design studio, Jean Valnoir Simoulin (Metastazis) designed this poster.

News | April 15, 2020
New World Order poster Ljubljana

New Collectivism designed a poster about the current coronavirus pandemic. The poster was virtually distributed in many cities around the world, including Berlin, Beijing, London, Paris, New York, Ljubljana and Moscow.

News Photo Galleries | March 25, 2020