Within the event December Art Scene-DEUS, which the city of Podgorica has been organizing since 1993 as a recapitulation of annual cultural events, we have the honor to announce the opening of DEUS 2020 with the exhibition of posters New Collectivism, Pro et contra.

As part of the exhibition whose virtual guidance you can follow tonight from 7 pm on the youtube channel Secretariat for Culture and Sports-Podgorica, we will present the early works of the New Collectivism. A poster from the beginning of the eighties of the XX century, follow by war posters of the beginning of the nineties, through the posters of the NSK state and the activism of the group of the previous two decades as a critique of neoliberal capitalism.

The recognizable methods of the New Collectivism are the procedures of fragmentation, revision and recycling of social history. NK uses the experiences and methods of avant-garde movements - the Russian art experiment and the Bauhaus, mapping the points of political and artistic history.

The works in Podgorica manifest the engaged activities of the New Collectivism, the continuous arthivism of the group in the global public space.