From October 11th to 14th, le Ciné-Club de Grenoble, in partnership with Association pour l’Agencement des Activités and Unpass, invite you to the NSK Rendez-Vous Grenoble, the quirkyfestival which pays tribute to the NSK movement.

Influenced by DADA, historical avant-garde and punk movements, NSK questions art, politics and propaganda through artistic subversion. NSK is still a major source of inspiration and study on contemporary society. A driving force of creativity and provocation, NSK gives a clear portrait of modern Europe.

After its initial success in 2016, NSK Rendez-Vous Grenoble comes back to share unique moments and activities with exciting international artists.

NSK Rendez-Vous Grenoble poster
Photo by icon NSK Rendez-Vous Grenoble poster


October 11th Free entrance

  • 6:00 pm: IRWIN: 35 years, conference by Andrej Savski (IRWIN/Slovenia) at Grenoble School of Fine Arts (ESAD – Grenoble)
  • 8:00 pm: IRWIN presents books on NSK State in Time
    Opening of IRWIN’s exhibition at the Galerie Showcase
    In the presence of Andrej Savski

October 12th

  • 6:30 pm: Liberation Days – Valnoir (France)
  • Opening of Valnoir’s exhibition at Galerie Unpass In the presence of the artist. New exhibition of works and graphics for Laibach’s show in Pyongyang, DPRK, in August 2015

October 13th

  • 8:00 pm: Liberation Day at the Cinéma Juliet Berto. A film by Morten Traavik and Ugis Olte, Norway/Latvia, 2016. In the presence one of the filmmakers, Ugis Olte (Latvia). Screening followed by Q/A

October 14th

  • Noon: brunch at the Maison de l’International de Grenoble. Meet-and-greet with the guests
  • Screening of Sarajevo: State in Time, a film by Benjamin Jung and Theo Meurisse, in a non-definitive version.
    The brunch is only accessible with the NSK Rendez-Vous Grenoble Pass, obtainable on the website:
    Every activity is in English, translated into French.
    Passes giving access to all activities are available on the website (“NSK Rendez-Vous Grenoble Pass”).

The NSK Rendez-Vous Grenoble Pass includes:

  • entrance for Valnoir’s exhibition
  • entrance for the Liberation Day screening
  • entrance to the brunch
  • Editions Kasemate special edition NSK Rendez-Vous Grenoble, a 48-page handmade book full of French translations of texts on the NSK and manifestoes by IRWIN, New Collectivism and Department of Pure and Applied Philosophy
  • the NSK Rendez-Vous Grenoble poster signed by Valnoir

NSK RDV Grenoble Pass is limited to 50.