France Slovenia society, Convulsions Sonores and NSK State in Time present:


“Art is Fanaticism that demands Diplomacy”

Tuesday, the 25th of January 2011 – 7.00pm > 11.00pm

Conferences – Debates – Projections – Music

Retrogarde – New Slovene Art – Industrial Music

With exceptional participation of Alexei Monroe (PhD), Non-alignates Cultural theorist, and author of Interrogation Machine – Laibach and NSK (2005, MIT Press), Founder of the I.C.R.N (Industrial Cultural Research Network)

“Interrogation Machine – The State of New Slovene Art“

19h30 : lecture and questions/answers in English, followed by meeting/signing with the author)

20h45 : projection of Michael Benson’s Predictions of Fire movie (1996, Original soundrack, including English subtitles)

Musical surrounding ambient and industrial lead by Convulsions Sonores

IRWIN – Novi Kolektivizem – Laibach – Cosmokinetic Cabinet Noordung – Department of Pure and Applied Philosophy – Peter Mlakar – Slavoj Žižek