Interrogation Machine

Laibach Opus Dei

As the legendary album Opus Dei is re-released, Haris Hararis interrogates Alexei Monroe to unearth new elements and ponder how the album may be received in 2024, a very different context from its release.

Music | May 9, 2024

On Friday, November 20th at 18.00 (UTC +2), VIZ Laboratory for Visual Culture presents an online symposium addressed to all artists who follow art practices that have embraced mimicry rather than opposition as a subversive political strategy.

News Events | Nov. 12, 2020
Trans Slovenia Express

Alexei Monroe will be participating in the first ever international academic conference on Kraftwerk: “Industrielle Volksmusik for the Twenty-First Century – Kraftwerk and the Birth of Electronic Music in Germany”

News Events Music | Jan. 6, 2015
Retrogarde London 2014

Join us at The Horse Hospital for an evening of discussion, short films and drinks. All door money goes to the campaign to save The Horse Hospital.

News Events | Dec. 7, 2014

In the new, German edition of "Interrogation Machine", Alexei Monroe discusses the past and future of the Slovene artistic groups that joined together as Neue Slowenische Kunst, making a huge impact locally and worldwide.

News Books | March 27, 2014

An updated French translation of Alexei Monroe’s book on Laibach and NSK was just released by Le Camion Noir.

News Books | March 23, 2014

Twenty years to the day after the London date of the Kapital tour, Alexei Monroe will discuss Laibach’s most complex album and this memorable London performance.

News | May 10, 2012

A special event to accompany Laibach’s MONUMENTAL RETRO-AVANT-GARDE installation at Wonderloch-Kellerland in Berlin.

News Events | Aug. 29, 2010

Laibach's use of Slovene cultural imagery is well-known, yet this was always balanced and contradicted by a simultaneous and extensive use of Yugoslav references. Even as it asserted Slovene culture in the most spectacular form yet seen it retained an ambivalent relationship with its Yugoslav context.

Ideas Opinions | Nov. 3, 2005
Interrogation Machine

The first English-language study of NSK—one of the contemporary art world's most radical forces—with particular focus on the performances and productions of NSK's musical and conceptual division, Laibach.

News Books | Oct. 1, 2005

What is the best approach to exploring what Laibach, Irwin and the NSK State represent? Fundamentally the work of all NSK groups represents an artistic and also cultural response to the imposed violence of ideology, culture and theory. This perception of violence is present most acutely in Laibach's initial reprocessing of language and ideology and to see how the machine operates it's necessary to return to these traumatic roots.

Ideas Opinions | April 26, 2004