NSK State Reserve


This exhibition includes currency, bonds, and other works related to the NSK State Reserve, including collaborations with NSK State citizen Valnoir Montesange.

News Events Exhibitions | Jan. 2, 2020

In what might be their first state-wide call-up since the Congress in 2010, Irwin is now soliciting a straight up or down vote on Apology for Modernity, the central document to their NSK State Pavilion in Venice this year.

Ideas | May 14, 2017

This speech was given as part of the inauguration event for Print Studio, an interactive space at MoMA to explore the evolution of artistic practices relating to the medium of print. The event featured an NSK Passport Office, and additional presentations from Miran Mohar, Conor McGrady, and Gediminas Gasparavicius.

Ideas | Feb. 2, 2012

Fancy claiming citizenship of a state in time? Wednesday–Friday, February 1–3, Print Studio will become IRWIN, NSK Passport Office, New York.

News Events | Jan. 20, 2012