Laibach has been payed with uncommon honour by editors of cult comic edition ABSOLUTE KINGDOM COME. In its new editon, which has been issued at American publishing house DC Comics, Laibach's frontman is appearing as one of the new superheroes from the story. He has been named Von Bach and is, among Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel, King Crimson and other flying hypertrophies, featured as a negative hero.

Dressed in Laibach-style uniform he wears groups's trademark on his chest and is, just like the rest of heroes, flying trought the air with supersonic speed.

Von Bach was described in the card set as "Yugoslavian would-be dictator." The Revelations supplement says this about him:

"This is one of my earliest new-breed designs and one of the most important. This German-speaking superhuman and would-be dictator is the example of the Hitleresque villain that had so much symbolic importance in the Golden Age of superheroes. The blocky cross on his chest is evocative of the kind of bold symbols used by Fascists. Von Bach has the words `liebe' (love) and `hass' (hate) tattooed on his arms and, in fact, his entire body has been covered with one large tattoo of that dark color that most tattoos become, with his natural flesh color only coming through in the designs on his body."

Creators of book's new edition (Mark Waid, Alex Ross and others), which deals with apocalyptic themes and eternal struggle between Good and Evil, has been dedicated to late superhero Christopher Reeve.

This is the second time Laibach finds place among superheros as track "Panorama" appeared in Spiderman I movie.