DUNJA ZUPANČIČ explores two complex systems in postgravitaty art: empty-body directing and the syntapiens system, and visualises their point of connection. She geometrises all conceptual information about the emptybody directing of Dragan Živadinov and about the syntapiens system by Miha Turšič with temporal layering and informing.

MIHA TURŠIČ is not a designer because he wants to build his own tangible landscape, to be a part of the magnificent capital-driven production of products. No! Categorically differently :: exploiting his profound digital talent, he designs ideas about the human being and the feeling of being human in weightless environments.

The series of events of the fifty years performance Noordung connects DRAGAN ŽIVADINOV with Dunja Zupančič’s system of anti-gravitational visualisation. A public, secular act, with a precisely defined form, is inevitably an operation of sense if it is informed by visual thinking. The dual of Dragan Živadinov and Dunja Zupančič becomes plural with Miha Turšič!