Join us for the presentation of the book “Reden and Die Europäische Nation: Weapons of Mass Instruction” edited by Alexander Nym.

This event will be in conjunction with the “Folk Art Between Home and the World: the SEM’s and Irwin’s NSK Folk Art Collections” exhibition. Please note that the presentation will be conducted in English.

Programme (the lobby of the SEM’s exhibition house):
Dr Bojana Rogelj Škafar, SEM: Introduction to the event
Peter Mlakar: Opening speech
Alexander Nym: NSK State in Time: Art is not a luxury, but a necessity (lecture)
Alexander Nym: Excerpts from the book Weapons Of Mass Instruction (reading)
Charles Lewis, NSK State Reserve: On FIAT book
Short break
NSK State Panel (Charles Lewis, Miran Mohar (Irwin), Lili Anamarija No and Alexander Nym); Q&A

Walk through the exhibition Folk art between home and the World with the author and curator Dr Bojana Rogelj Škafar (1st floor of the SEM’s exhibition house)

The exhibition “Folk Art between Home and the World: the SEM’s and IRWIN’s NSK Folk Art collections” provides a unique opportunity to explore traditional Slovene folk art alongside the creative works of the NSK State in Time’s citizens. Meanwhile, the bilingual German English book “Weapons of Mass Instruction”, edited by Alexander Nym, offers a valuable collection of speeches, reports, and documents that shed light on the activities of the NSK State in Time and its citizens.

This book is an essential resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of this fascinating community.
The book was published by the German publisher Edition Outbird in April 2023, comprising 358 pages. Preorder your copy here.