It is no wonder that us delegates of the First NSK Citizen’s Congress do not haste in submitting our reports, for we are destined to serve as poets, and not clerks, of statist organisation. Our grasp of diplomatic duty is therefore fanatical, capricious and stormy, and it is in this context that I therefore applaud the words expressed on our beloved NSK Times in honour of the ‘rebel document’ – we are indeed all suspended between a lifetime of otherness, autonomy, upheaval and individuality and a yearning to belong – to find a place to call home (Heimat), to which we would be willingly giving our souls away.

We all still bask in the romantic green ray of the Congress’ aftershock – an event brief when experienced within linear time yet ever-beckoning to us since the day we were born, thus ever-present: a temple (in time), a homing device to our myths constructed with the knowledge of forgotten, enlightened empires, almost unsettlingly vivid – we saw it, we dreamt it – that beautiful, still condolence, a sun that shines in black and white and a gentle warm wind caressing our faces and subtly moving tree branches, their dancing shadow ornamenting the sacred structure to which we have returned triumphant. A memory not from the past but from within.

It is this inner temple that we erected a long time ago in a constellation of the heart and mind far, far away yet ever so intimate; it is our revisiting as collective that made it manifest, resonate and tremble in this material realm; that uttered an invitation for the Immanent Consistent Spirit to enter and dwell in the House of World Cultures, the soundless thunder of the mighty beaming emanating from within its mythical holy of holies converging with the moment of grace of the historical present. Now awoken by our hand, will and desire, it will constantly inform our state apparatus, filling its body with flowing, shimmering, everlasting light: Jehovaic Vril!

We gathered in Berlin in obedience to totalitarian dreamtime, gathered to witness it in awe, together, perplexed in rejuvenation, re-learning to believe and to rein-state the integral continuity of the myth as real complementing the historical as reality, our eyes lit up, at long last, as the apparatus comes to life, we serve as spark. Engage, ignite, blast-off!

It is in this sacred light and no other, in the reassuring, determined presence of the altar/monument that we collectively summoned, possessed by our vast archetypal selves, that the outcomes of the Congress should be measured. Yes, the Rebel Document is indeed the music of our fighting spirit and our strife, standing tall above a lifetime spent in contempt of banality, conformity, herd-mentality: that is precisely why our common body born it. The expression of our will to overthrow is fully manifest in its glory, therefore it must not extend to the further doubting of the Scroll of the Findings, for they are mutually inclusive and awesomely balanced, and intermediated by the Agenda of Innovations integrating obedience, adherence, trail-blazing and freedom. Yes, we are partisans! But we are also disciples, and in both paths we find nobility.

The Findings are an outmost necessity and the outcome of our collective encounter with destiny. If we accept that art is fanaticism that demands diplomacy, the Findings are our rite of passage, our statement of adulthood, our initial act of active participation in the (Laibach) Kunst Machine that inspired us. In order to express either fanaticism or diplomacy as sovereigns, surely we must first make art! Thus completing our shift from spectators to creators, exercising a skill honed throughout a lifetime of appreciation, worship and reflection. To call the Findings conservative or the work of a ‘fan club’ is not only missing the point, but also a cheapening (born in the self-doubt of strife-torn atomistic isolation) of our own impetus and passion: how can we be expected to innovate and forge ahead before we prove that we can sing the praises of The Internal Book of Laws and the Ten Items of the Covenant in our own words and through the meeting of our own hearts and minds? How can one go above and beyond the law before earning the sovereignty to do so by merit of mastering it?

By elaborating on the NSK canon, by further ornamenting it in ceremonial, despotic poetry, by creating a document of our own worthy of standing next to its predecessors and inspirations, we have evolved from being apprentices, disciples, novices – to a body that dances in the jubilant element of its own mastery. Indeed, we were chosen wisely and earnestly (the unpleasant voices that croak in dispute ridden with ego and greed), for we were ready to earn the sacred license to innovate and take the NSK State further towards fulfilment. The Findings are the music of our worthiness, the shape of our love that stands upright and defiant beyond good and evil.

This is doubly important for us all to accept, embrace and internalise as we are again scattered. If we are to realise the Innovations (both the manifest five and occult seven), we need the light of the Findings to guide our way and warm our bones when we venture to the cold in solitude. The constant remembrance, study and perhaps even uttering and chanting of the Findings will ensure that the golden shimmer will continue to forcefully flow within our individual organs to hold us together and perpetuate our collective Phalanx motion, its attack formation a disciplined dance closer to perfection in each and every new step. For this purpose I suggest that our finest craftsmen and women produce an official design of the Scroll of the Findings that we can all place in our homes or workplaces. It can take the shape of a decree embossed upon paper, a tiny rolled papyrus to be carried inside a jewel or other form of on-body decoration, or indeed set to music. We need the fire of the Findings to walk with us, to ensure that we fulfil our mission; and to ensure, sisters and brothers, that we shall all meet again.