The Atomic Declaration of Dependence was an expected surprise for all of us. This pirate manifesto is the manifestation, the focus, the epicentre and the crystallization of the despair of each delegate. A despair that each delegate was unable or unwilling to verbalise. Moreover, it is the statement of the “self-detestation/self-de-state-tation” that we were all carrying within our minds. The signatories are simultaneously accusing the representatives of NSK, the body of the delegates, the congress… and themselves. During the demonstration of self-inflicted diplomacy and courtesy known as the congress, a huge beast was growing behind our faces, inside our minds. We didn’t need to sign the Atomic Declaration of Dependence. We had already mentally signed it exactly at the moment we entered the site of the congress, the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. During these three days the concept of Leviathan was mentioned repeatedly, (by Eda Čufer, especially), so we couldn’t avoid evoking his apparition with this incantation – a spirit that waited for the last and best moment to arise. The Findings cannot exist without the Atomic Declaration of Dependence, as the Atomic Declaration of Dependence cannot exist without the Findings. This text shouldn’t be seen as a flashmob protest, but as a concrete result of our Congress. It should be appreciated as the alterego of our behaviour now and the solidification of our projects for NSK and its citizens . “Fanatics are picturesque, mankind would rather see gestures than listen to reason”, said Friedrich Nietzsche. Once again, he was right.

The Atomic Declaration of Dependence
The state is the manifestation of Kitsch. We hereby disassociate ourselves from your coffee-scented dog-breathed manifestations and unilaterally declare the dissolution of ourselves and the elimination of time through the timelessness of Kitsch. We find your bourgeois adoration of time and form repulsive and degenerate. Suborn yourselves to your pathetic creation in time at your own risk. We dissolve ourselves, demolish eternally your structures and leave this hollowness to re-form under new circumstances at the very moment of our creation. Your time is dated. Ours will never come.
D.W.T./N.S.K State
Representing Atomic Eternal Light
M.P. Eric Beckett Weaver
Co-signed by many of the delegates to the First NSK Citizens Congress in Berlin
On the 23rd of October, 2010
Down With Time
= D.W.T.