First NSK Citizens' Congress


News update on happenings in October 2011 as well as a retrospective on the First NSK Citizen's Congress.

News Videos | Nov. 1, 2011

To mark the publication of the book on the First NSK Citizens’ Congress, a series of events will be held in Britain, Germany and Slovenia with further dates to be announced. Join the editor and contributors to discuss the issues raised in the book and the ongoing development of the NSK State.

News Books | Oct. 18, 2011

No-one was sure what would or could happen when thirty-two NSK citizens came together in order to try and identify common positions and potentials. State of Emergence explores what did happen, what could have happened and what may happen following the Congress.

News Books | Oct. 3, 2011

News update on happenings in June as well as a retrospective on the First NSK Citizen's Congress.

News Videos | June 14, 2011

Steve Schultz: The “Findings” were adequate if a bit obvious for my tastes, and without much “real” derivation from the original vision of Neue Slowenische Kunst and its later incarnation NSK. So how do we make our mark while keeping the internal book of the Laws and convent?

Ideas Opinions | Nov. 20, 2010

Avi Pitchon: It is no wonder that us delegates of the First NSK Citizen’s Congress do not haste in submitting our reports, for we are destined to serve as poets, and not clerks...

Ideas Opinions | Nov. 20, 2010

Bertrand Thibert: The cultural earthquake is over, but instead of recovering from it, we have to provoke more of them and move with them

Ideas Opinions | Nov. 15, 2010

The Atomic Declaration of Dependence was an expected surprise for all of us. This pirate manifesto is the manifestation, the focus, the epicentre and the crystallization of the despair of each delegate. A despair that each delegate was unable or unwilling to verbalise. Moreover, it is the statement of the “self-detestation/self-de-state-tation” that we were all carrying within our minds.

Ideas | Nov. 7, 2010

The final declaration of the First NSK Citizens’ Congress agreed to by a majority of delegates

Ideas Manifestos | Oct. 25, 2010

The Organising Committee of the First NSK Citizens' Congress and the Jury of the First NSK Citizens’ Congress Poster Competition, is pleased to announce the following awards and a list of selected posters.

News Exhibitions | Oct. 25, 2010

On Saturday evening there was a tense, dramatic, fascinating and finally celebratory closing ceremony at which the delegates’ conclusions were announced.

Anat Ben-David

The Organising Committee of the First NSK Citizens’ Congress is pleased to announce the line-up for the public closing party which will take place at the House of World Cultures on the evening of October 23rd.

News Music | June 24, 2010

The dates and venue for the Berlin congress have now been finalised. The congress will run from 21st to 23rd October. We are pleased to announce that the venue for the Congress will be Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, Berlin’s House of World Cultures.

News | May 22, 2010
First NSK Citizens' Congress

This unique event will bring together citizen delegates and NSK members to explore debate and develop the NSK State and how to negotiate the shared and contradictory interpretations and visions of its citizens.

Events | May 1, 2009