A Documentary of The First NSK Citizens' Congress

No-one was sure what would or could happen when thirty-two NSK citizens came together in order to try and identify common positions and potentials. State of Emergence explores what did happen, what could have happened and what may happen following the Congress.

The book includes a range of eye-witness accounts from delegates, facilitators, observers and others, giving multiple perspectives on the events. In addition, there are essays on the Congress and the NSK State from a range of theorists including Eda Čufer, Regina Roem- hild, Yannis Stavrakakis and Kostis Stafylakis. It includes images from the Congress as well as the accompanying NSK Folk Art and Congress Poster Competition exhibition plus documentation of the first post-Congress citizen-organised events.

As is the case with many of NSK's works, the true meanings and significances of the Congress may not be clear for some time but the book analyses and contributes to the interpretation and decoding of an event whose implications touch on the key artistic, political and social dilemmas of our time.

“State of Emergence intensively documents and analyses the unique NSK State in Time project, opening up radical new perspectives on the collectivity of NSK and on many of the key artistic and cultural questions of our time. This is an important collection of thought-provoking texts and artwork that is invaluable for navigating this evolving territory.”

Catherine Wood, Tate Modern Curator of Contemporary Art and Performance.

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