Dragan Živadinov


DUNJA ZUPANČIČ explores two complex systems in postgravity art: empty-body directing and the syntapiens system, and visualises their point of connection. She geometrises all conceptual information about the emptybody directing of Dragan Živadinov and about the syntapiens system by Miha Turšič with temporal layering and informing.

News Events | May 4, 2009

Zeniteum :: 2022 presents a symphony of music, drama, and dance acrobatics, with over 60 artists on stage, directed by the post-gravity artist Dragan Živadinov

News Theatre | Jan. 14, 2022

On 15 December 1999 Gravitation Zero – Noordung Biomechanics, the first theatre performance in alternating-microgravity conditions was staged in a IL-76MDK flying laboratory in Russia.

News Theatre | Dec. 15, 2019

CHELSEA space proudly presents Neue Slowenische Kunst 1984-1992, a timely show dedicated to the radical Slovenian art collective Neue Slowenische Kunst (New Slovenian Art), focussing on the archives of Laibach, IRWIN, New Collectivism and Scipion Nasice Sisters Theatre, in Ljubljana and the David Gothard archive in London. The exhibition traces the impact of their work and the important role London played in the collective’s activities.

News Exhibitions | Feb. 29, 2012

In keeping with the interest of viennacontemporary in ongoing research within the CEE region, this year’s Focus section will not revolve around the invited guest country, but will rather concentrate on the question: What is the experience of a state that is not based on territory, but on time?

News Exhibitions | Sept. 17, 2019

The construction of the KSEVT (Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies) building is now finished. Today, 6th September at 20.30, is the opening ceremony. The visitors will view the first permanent exhibition of KSEVT entitled Herman Potočnik Noordung: 100 Monumental Influences. The main part of the ceremony will be featuring the group CodAct and their artwork Pendulum Choir.

News | Sept. 6, 2012

A week ago today, what has to be one of the most radical theater experiments of the 20th century--and it just barely made it--took place in the skies above Moscow. Slovenian director Dragan Zivadinov's Noordung Zero Gravity Biomechanical theater unfolded in a Russian cosmonaut training aircraft owned and operated by the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training facility, which is based in Star City, just outside Moscow. I managed to film the thing and cranked out the following text about it--which I thought might be of interest. Cheers, MB

Opinions Theatre | Dec. 22, 1999

In May 2004, during Ireland's Presidency of the European Union, celebrations took place in Dublin City to welcome the 10 countries that joined the European Union under the enlargement program. During these celebrations, and through the initiative of Helena Drnovsek-Zorko (Slovenian Ambassador to Ireland), the Neue Slowenische Kunst undertook a series of events around the capital city.


It happened in London. And since every place and space has its own specificities, Stacion Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina represents a new call and challenge for the Neue Slowenische Archive. In Prishtina, the archive meets new cultural and political specificities and originates, new, different interpretations and questions. ‘The Slovenian Box’ is brought again to life and speaks loudly.

News Exhibitions | Dec. 17, 2012

Thirty years have passed since the founding of Laibach, a group whose music and performances have become part of cultural history. What many do not know, however, is that Laibach, in fact, began its career as a visual art group.

News Exhibitions | April 16, 2010
East Art Map fiction reconstructed

Exhibition EAST.ART.MUSEUM in Karl-Ernst-Osthaus-Museum in Hagen, Germany